Internet posted by on April 21, 2011

On my channel SUPER CALI LISTIC I document the “Super Cali” life as an actress, filmmaker, wifey and mommy.


I am very excited to share a web series I was cast in called MY NAME IS BURNS. I play the best friend of Burns “a misanthropic aging hipster living in Silver Lake” played by my dear friend Nicole DuPort, a brilliant and hilarious actress.


My YouTube addiction started with the channel LIFE WITH BABS about lovable loser Andie Mills and her BFF Babs – played by a “knock-off” Barbie doll I bought at Walgreens for 8 dollars.

In this LWB episode “Is Rachel Zoe Bulimic?” Andie feels neglected by Babs who has recently befriended celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and suspects her of binging and purging with her new bestie.

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