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Monstrosity set

Price on the set of THE MONSTROSITY with D.P. Samrod Shenassa
My husband Jesse Singer and I collaborated on BABY PATRICK BATEMAN to help promote his Kickstarter Campaign for American Psycho, the musical. A parody of the famous Patrick Bateman morning routine from the movie American Psycho, we shot our baby, Deco, and his “morning routine” just in time to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the AP fans out there.

THE MONSTROSITY is a short film Alyssa wrote and directed that follows in the tradition of “The Wonder Years,” but this time from a female perspective. It follows Milly, a brand new sixth grader at George Adam’s Middle school who wants nothing more than to fit in with the cool kids, but with the arrival of her first HUGE zit, she finds “being cool” a lot harder than she expected. THE MONSTROSITY premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and won best film in it’s category at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. To learn more about the project visit click on


Winner of the Los Angeles Magazine “Get L.A.” competition, Alyssa wrote, directed and edited PEARL and tells about the day in the life of an actress as told from the perspective of her car.



OPHELIA premiered at the Wisconsin Union Theatre for the centennial celebration of the dance program at the University of Wisconsin.  Conceptualized and directed by Alyssa for dancer and choreographer Alison Rootberg, this dance film explores the themes of love, loss, and death.



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