Why Play Such an Optimistic Character? posted by on March 21, 2009

While I was on location shooting “Me and Babs Do the Wild West” filmmaker and journalist Soo Hwang asked me about how I’m different from my character Andie Mills on Life With Babs and why I choose a character that is so optimistic.

Here is the video I shot on my Route 66 trip for my You Tube channel “Life With Babs”.

A Girl, a Camera, and a “Knock Off” Barbie Doll posted by on October 26, 2008

After spending a day watching some very entertaining videos by the talented girls of Whatever Hollywood I was upset. Upset, because I wanted to do the same thing – take my acting career into my own hands instead of waiting around for auditions. But unlike these girls, whose talents complemented one another (one’s an editor, one’s an actress, and one’s a singer/songwriter), I was alone. It was just me, my camera and my laptop. But then came Babs… Originally I thought of acting against a blow up doll, but then a good friend of mine suggested a Barbie and I hit Walgreens in search of a knock off Barbie doll and I found a Miss Lovely Patsy doll from China for 8 dollars a pop. ¬†And that was the start of the enduring friendship of Andie Mills and Babs Darling – Besties for life!

Andie and Babs’s first adventure was a road trip to Las Vegas Nevada. But not for a girl’s “vacay” as Andie hoped, but to help Babs canvass for Presidential hopeful Barrack Obama.
“Barbie Votes for Obama” Part 1 of 3

“Barbie Votes for Obama” Part 2 of 3

“Barbie Votes for Obama” Part 3 of 3